L7 Studio is a design and illustration studio based in Venice Beach, California, specializing in website, publication and illustration design. L7 Studio also publishes 3.1 Venice, an online art and culture magazine.


Taylor Barnes, the owner/creative director, has over thirty years of experience in publication design (print and digital), web design and illustration. As creative director, she works with a talented team of freelance photographers, artists and new media specialists on projects for both L7 Studio and 3.1 Venice magazine.


In addition to her work in the studio she has over a decade of experience in the classroom as a media and studio arts teacher and continues to mentor young talent through her studio and the magazine. Her love for print design went through a dramatic transformation with the introduction of online publishing, which she embraced with the launch of 3.1 Venice. Exploring the varied artistic and cultural happenings of Venice Beach is a never-ending project and the perfect outlet for her observational skills as an artist, web/print designer, and journalist.


Taylor’s first love has always been painting and the training she received as an artist has translated into all the design mediums in which she works. For fifteen years, she was the creative director/founder of L’Image Graphics, a publishing company for the gift industry specializing in licensed product design.


Recent work has focused on a series of personal paintings depicting the disappearing landscape of Venice Beach as well as the array of characters that make the city so diverse and unique. Taylor chronicles her insights to her creative process on her blog, “Dare 2 B Square.”


Taylor Barnes works in her studio in the heart of the Venice Beach arts district, where on a good weather day you can find her standing at the edge of the Pacific Ocean feeling pretty damn lucky!